Petroleum Blending Plant

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Econ Oil blends a variety of different types of fuels according to our customers’ specific applications and needs. The petroleum blending process is managed from the Marble Hall plant and all products are distributed by road tankers from either Marble Hall or from oil major refineries.

Low Sulphur Fuel Grade I
(Econ Light Oil)

In some applications like hospitals, bakeries and food processing plants, sulphur emissions are by law limited for environmental reasons or to prevent corrosion. Instead of supplying Heavy Furnace oil, we blend it and remove the sulphur content.

EBFO (Econ Burner Fuel Oil) Grade II

This is a low cost industrial heating oil used in huge boilers. A low sulphur, low ash premium fuel oil used in power generation. A blend of crude derivatives that ensures a clean fuel with high energy content.

HFO 150 Grade III

This product is used in coal fired power stations and any other plant with large boilers. This product is blended by almost all the oil majors in South Africa. It is available from Econ Oil and can be delivered by road or by rail throughout South Africa.