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Energy Demand in South Africa resulted in Econ Oil landing AvatarBlack as solution to high energy users.

The Challenges

The End Customer (Retailer or Business)

  • Unreliable power supply leads to substantial business challenges;
  • Significant increases are eminent which will drive up costs;
  • Peak vs Non Peak, makes business usage the most expensive; and
  • Customers are forced into becoming power aware.

The Landlord (Building Owner)

  • Tenants/Customer urgently need solutions to these challenges and are putting Landlords under pressure to provide them;
  • Landlords don't necessarily have the capital to invest in these solutions;
  • Capital is better spent on the Core Business; and
  • Providing power is not their core business.

Avatarblack Has Created A Solution That Addresses Both The Challenges Of The Customer And The Landlord

Avatarblack is uniquely positioned, with its position with major technology power providers to implement.

  • AvatarBlack becomes either an alternative Provider of Electrical Power or becomes the De Facto Power Provider;
  • AvatarBlack provides the solution on a Usage Model (no capital outlay required) to the Landlord;
  • AvatarBlack manages the day to day operations of the solution on behalf of the Landlord;

A Typical Technical Solution

  • A Photovoltaic system comprising 320 PV modules;
  • One inverter with nominal power of 99.2 kWp;
  • Equates to annual production of 193 348.96 kWh;

Our Solution

Our PV solution can provide on average a 20% higher energy yield in PV applications than conventional grid tied solutions.

Roof Top

Roof Top

Typical Roof Top PV Solution

Cabinet With Invertor &; Batteries

Cabinet With Invertor & Batteries

Cabinet can be ordered in IP Rating up to IP65