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Econ Oil is making progress in creating an equitable environment for its people and developing their full potential. Econ Oil & Energy is committed to transformation beyond legislative compliance and this commitment guides our corporate social investment initiatives as we embed sustainable development into every facet of our business.

We have developed Training & Development which is aimed at continuous development and unlocks individual potential. We do quality training by accredited providers which covers a broad range:

  • Management Development
  • Learnerships
  • Foreman Development
  • Adult basic education and training
  • Membership programs on site technical training
Social Development

Econ Development Trust

Econ Oil & Energy registered Econ Development Trust. The main aim of the trust is to broaden the skills base of the black population in South Africa as is dwindling to a point of non existence irrespective of the obvious opportunities to advance oneself.

We identified Cabekwana Location as a destitute and poverty stricken area. It is located in Eastern Pondoland in the small town Lusikisiki, in the Eastern Cape. We then adopted Goso Forest Junior Secondary School at Cabekwana Location as our focus development agenda.

Since 2007 we identified pupils from Grade 8. The enigma in the area is that Grade 9 is the highest standard achieved.

The following reasons were found for the lack of advancement beyond Grade 9 are amongst others:

  • Lack of financial resources;
  • High pregnancy rate;
  • Incentive to migrate to bigger town for work opportunities;
  • Discourage by matriculants who are not adsorbed by the market;

We identified needy pupils with a balanced intellect. They are currently doing Grade 12 with good prospects.

We have built 2 classrooms one as a computer lab and the other as a library. The impact is very high-education has gained its value. The impact will continue to grow as our identified pupil slow progress.